Our favorite sets: 2003 Topps Retired Signatures-The Autographs

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In 2003, Topps released its Retired Signatures set to mixed fan fair. It was a higher-priced product that yielded five packs including four cards and one uncirculated autograph card. They came in a sealed holder that proved to be untouched by anyone else. For some reason a lot of these cards were removed from these holders. Another kicker to the autographs was there were also numbered refractor versions that were much hard to pull.  There were also refractor base cards with a nice black border.

The autographs are the big pull here.  You realize by the name of the product that all of the stars were retired and a handful were either Hall of Famers already, or on their way.  You also had a huge checklist; 240 autograph cards with 110 of them refractor versions.  Two sides to that though-either you get an autograph dud or you pull a huge name like Nolan Ryan, Willie Mays, Cal Ripken Jr or George Brett who’s not signing as much today.

This is definitely a set that will take some work.  The price of the boxes today, ( around 250.oo), doesn’t equate to returned value.  There are a lot of these autograph cards already on the open market, so cherry-picking these cards may be more fun and affordable.

A checklist for this set can be found on The Trading Card Database.







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