Pack Preview: 2013 Topps Chrome Baseball



UPDATE: Here is the link to the full 2013 Topps Chrome baseball checklist!.


Right when you think you’ve had enough baseball cards to rip for one year, Topps Chrome unleashes its slick and shiny cards to the masses. So beware- Chrome is Coming! Collectors will be happy to know that Topps has announced a few new designs including new die-cuts, red-hot rookies, and ’72 Topps designs.  Fortunately a couple things haven’t changed; the two autograph cards per 24-pack box.

Base Card parallels:

  • Refractor
  • X-Fractor
  • Blue- #/199
  • Black-#/100
  • Sepia-#/75
  • Gold- #/50
  • Red-#/25
  • Atomic-#/10 Hobby Only
  • Super-Fractor-1/1 Hobby Only
  • Printing Plates- 1/1 Hobby Only

The autographed rookie cards will all be on-card and will feature these parallels:

  • Refractor- #/499
  • Blue-#/199
  • Black=#/100
  • Sepia-#/75
  • Gold-#/50
  • Red-#/25
  • Atomic-#/25 Hobby Only
  • Super-Fractor-1/1  Hobby Only
  • Printing Plates- 1/1 Hobby Only

The parallels are definitely what help autograph sales on the secondary market, especially with a full checklist that tends to have a few players that don’t sell for the highest amounts.


Additionally, there will be Back-to-Back autos will feature two signatures on each side of the card with refractor technology.  Even with these being sticker autos they are still numbered to only 5 copies and will be hobby only. Red-Hot Rookies will feature on-card autos from the top 10 players of the 2013 rookie class.  These will be available in hobby and retail and will be numbered to 25.  The on-card addition will save these from a weaker rookie class than what was available the previous year.

Other autograph cards include:

  • Chrome Buybacks– Repurchased Topps Chrome cards of superstars. #/10
  • Triple Autos– Featuring a combination of rookies and veterans on Chrome refractor technology. #/5
  • Ultimate Chase Cards– Continuing the theme from Topps Baseball Series 1 & 2.


The new additions to this years’ Chrome baseball will consist of a new die-cut style that can be connected to other players from same subset.  Autos and relic versions can be had, each numbered to 25 or less.

Also, the 1072 Topps design makes another appearance in Chrome with autograph versions available; each numbered to 25.


Other new goodies for 2013 will include a division die-cut boxloder, autographed patch cards, uncut sheet redemptions and refractor hot boxes. The boxloaders will be in the  shape of a division flag and feature sticker autographs of five modern MLB players in that division. These are numbered to 25.  With that and the other extra additions fans will have plenty of added value to Topps Chrome.  Anything added is helpful because by the time Chrome comes out a lot of players are carrying the same weight on the secondary market as they are at the beginning of the year. Expect it towards the end of August.


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