Titus Young Tries to Tweet Himself Out of a Job

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Being the #2 WR behind a stud like Megatron is an AWESOME opportunity. Heck it’s not uncommon for the #2 guy to get more looks since the #1 WR is often double or triple teamed. I am of the opinion that all wide receivers should WANT the ball every play. You have to have that kind of confidence to succeed in that position. But arrogance and ego are much different than confidence, and Titus Young has crossed the line into “Undeserved-Prima-Donna” territory with his arrogance.

So what did Titus Young do? Well, he publicly bashed his coaches’ decisions and blatantly asserted that he’d rather be on another team since Detroit isn’t giving him the ball enough. His best contradictory quote:

“Like I said I never been selfish but if I’m not going to get the football i don’t want to play anymore”

via Twitter @TitusDYoungSr

Young isn’t just being immature here. He is demonstrating for coaches across the country that he is un-willing to learn from his mistakes and refuses to apologize (or even acknowledge) his immature, entitled, cry-baby attitude.

Oh I’m pretty sure you’re done, Titus. Threaten the team and dare them to cut you…good thinking. You know getting into the Hall of Fame is going to require a Quarterback that wants to throw you the ball, a Coach that is willing to put up with your bitching, and a team that’s willing to pay you, right? Your tweet below is so preposterously presumptuous that I’m guessing it will rub a lot of GMs, Coaches, and QBs the wrong way.

Cut him and give the #2 spot to Ryan Broyles…a dude who has played hard without complaining and is grateful (as anyone should be) to be named the #2 WR behind one of the greatest receivers of all-time. I’m not counting on Titus’ value to increase anytime soon, so here are a few Broyles autos you might consider picking up before next season:

Update: Apparently Young wasn’t done.

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