Pack Preview: 2013 Topps Archives Baseball

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2013 Topps Archives returns with tried and true formula

When Topps Lineage collapsed in 2011 it seemed that the ‘throwback’ sets, besides Topps’ Heritage, were finally done with collectors.  That is until 2012 when Topps Archives baseball was released. There was something about the set that created many fans.  Four different years of cards, great inserts, accessible autographs, and perfect collation helped make Archives one of the funnest sets to collect.

Thankfully Topps realized the formula was a good one and decided to bring it back for 2013.  Focusing on sets from the 70s, 80s and 90s, Archives will be a ‘celebration of cards from the epic eras.’

The base cards will be reflecting different years in order in the set.  This makes putting the set together really easy:

  • 1972 Topps Design- Numbers 1-50
  • 1982 Topps Design- Numbers 51-100
  • 1985 Topps Design- Numbers 101-150
  • 1990 Topps Design- Numbers 151-200
  • 201-250 Fan Favorite Short prints (1:4)

There will be gold parallels again that will all be numbered to 199, and of course 1/1 printing plates-those being hobby only.


Two ‘Fan Favorites’ autographs will be in each box, featuring classic Topps designs with an all-new photo.  The great thing about these is they will feature on-card autographs.

Also included are triple autographs that will feature players’ signatures from the 70s,80s, and 90s.

Other autograph cards include:

  • Topps Originals- Original cards will be signed and be numbered to only 10 copies. They will feature the Topps foil-stamped logo. These are Hobby Only.
  • Cut Signatures- Celebrities from the 80s will be featured as cut signatures.
  • Framed auto’d 1973 Topps Minis- On-Card signatures featured on these framed minis will be an amazing pull. Subjects include reprints as well as current stars. These are numbered to 25 each.

There will be relics in archives and they feature the 1960 Topps design and will profile current and retired players with a neat die-cut on the card.


One of the differences in the Archives set for 2013 is the inclusion of insert sets that are modeled after inserts sets included in other sports. The Mini Tall Boys are from the 1965 Topps Football set, but these will feature active and reitred players. Auto’d versions will be signed on card and #’d/25.


Basketball card collectors will get a kick out of the inserts featuring the 1972 Topps basketball design.  Nothing stated as to these being a separate set or just a parallel.

Other inserts include:

  • 1969 4-in-1 Stickers– Four subjects per card, featuring active & retired players.
  • 1983 Topps All-Stars– Modeled after the 1983 Topps All-Star subset. Autos with this parallel will be included each being #’d/5 or less.
  • Topps Originals– Vintage Topps buybacks.
  • Topps Original Redemption– These cards can be redeemed for original cards, packs and complete sets.
  • Topps Vault Redemption– These redemptions will be good for items from the Topps vault.
  • Insert Printing Plates-  Printing plates of inserts will all be hobby only.

Box loaders were a surprise in 2012’s set and will feature actual baseball players in 2013.  Fans will be delighted to see either a 1971 Topps Greatest Moments #’d/99 or a potential sticker auto #’d to 10 or less.  There will also be Touched by Greatness box loaders showcasing the on-card handprint of some of the best MLB players.

Case loaders feature Topps contracts from the Topps Vault.

Plenty of fun to go around Topps Archives is slated to be released the week of May, 29th. 24 packs make up each box and 10 boxes will be in each case.  With the increase of case breakers, Archives will indeed be a fun case to rip with so many special inserts in each in a moderate price point.

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