2012 Panini Cooperstown: What’s in the pack?

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On January 9th, 2013, the BBWAA will announce the next inductees to baseball’s Hall of Fame.  For this writer it is an opportunity to see one of my favorite players to get inducted.  Hopefully.  

I’ve been a fan of Craig Biggio since I started watching the Houston Astros.  Scrappy player who played with heart and gave everything he had.  I noticed this when I was in third grade and discovering him on what would be my favorite team.

The potential of Biggio to become the first player inducted for the Astros will be a dream come true because I enjoyed watching him play and I feel he deserves a spot in the hall of legends, even with a class of nominees that has the dark cloud of the ‘steroid-era’ floating among them.  It’s important the Biggio wins because he played hard and he did it right.  He was never suspected of steroid use, or HGH, or any other that junk, and that’s important because I feel the Hall of Fame is an honor, not just a continuation of a career.  You shouldn’t get in ‘just because’. 

I love and respect what the Hall of Fame represents and what it means for baseball.  That is why I think Panini’s release of Cooperstown was a brilliant idea.  

Each card is a history lesson filled with great information for fans of the game and what the hall represents. The front of each base card has a great photo and on the each top is the induction date for each player.  On the back features the dates for the player’s career and a brief overview of the players career.

There are also great insert sets that feature players that were also servicemen, induction day photos, and photos of the village at Cooperstown.  One of the extra highlights are the cards featuring a hint of color.  In a black and white set, these cards unexpectedly pop in your hand rounding out the short-print set.

Sparkle cards and wood inserts are also great additions to a set that is a great reminder of the players that have been inducted and the greatness that is the History of Baseball.  

It’s an easy set to put together and the autographs that are including make up one of the best collection of player auto’s in any set.  With a set of hall of famers; the players, announcers, and even general managers are all special. Mostly on-card, the photos are crisp and the autographs really frame the card well.

Find some 2012 Panini Cooperstown cards and start your collection of history!


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