Get dressed with Baseballism

When you want to show off your love for the game of baseball, usually it consists of wearing your favorite team’s jersey.  Perhaps it’s a nice t-shirt with your team’s logo on it.  For the group behind Baseballism, they wanted to create a brand for the sport. A brand that fans of the game can wear and represent  ‘America’s Pastime’.

“We wanted to create something fresh for the Baseball community that differs from mainstream athletic brands, representing the unique culture, and paying tribute to the sport’s illustrious history.”

Travis Chock is one of the founding members for Baseballism and recounts how the idea came about. “After graduation, three of us started a youth baseball camp/private lessons business in Eugene, Oregon and called it ‘Baseballism’. We ran from 2006-08 until we moved up to Portland, Oregon for grad school and work. Although we stopped running the youth camp, we all wore our camp t-shirts around town and people kept asking where we got our shirts.  We put two and two together and restarted Baseballism as a premium apparel company.”

Described as a, ‘premium baseball- inspired brand with old school roots’, anyone can be a part of the culture as long as you believe in the tradition, history and culture of baseball.  It’s really for the true fans.  The fans that love the history of the game, and feel the passion for the sport when watched or played or talked about.

The push for creating the brand was helped by the Kickstarter website. Chock says, ‘ We thought it’d be a good way to get our brand exposure and to raise funds to make Baseballism come to life.  We also wanted to test the market for our brand with very low risk and we’ve had great feedback and results from Kickstarter, to say the least.”

After successfully surpassing the $13,000 goal in April, 2012, Travis Chock and the other three partners are read to get the, ahem, ball rolling.  Plans are to be strictly E-Commerce for the time being, but Chocks says, “If the appropriate opportunity to sell our brand in a store should come up we’ll talk about it then.”

Even though the goal has been met, there are still plenty of ways to show support. Visit Baseballism’s Facebook page and stay current on all of its plans.

Currently- premium shirts, hoodies, caps and even stickers are in the works. Baseball camps and various sponsorships will also be available according to the website.