Pack Preview: 2013 Topps UFC Knockout

Here is full checklist! ’13 UFC Knockout

*UPDATE* It looks like this set has been pushed to April- stay tuned for more updates

Topps is bringing back UFC Knockout and has added a few extra ‘hits’ to delight fans of this product. In each box you’re guaranteed two autographs, two auto/relics, and four relics. Fist-o-graphs are back, but new inserts will include: ‘Memorable Match-Ups, Knockout autos, Triple Threads auto’d fight glove cards and much more. With popularity continuing to rise for mixed-martial arts collectibles, Topps’ UFC Knockout will definitely be a product to pick up.

Pack breakdown:

3 Topps 2013 Topps UFC Knockout Cards

1 UFC Base Parallel

1 Auto, Relic or Auto Relic.

UFC Knockout will consist of 125 base cards featuring the leading UFC and Strikeforce fighters, rookies, seasoned vets and current champs. Each pack will contain one parallel cards among the following: Gold (#/188), Green (#/88), Red (#/8), Mat Parallels will be printed on simulated mat stock and numbered to one along with printing plates also numbered to only one copy.

With a product called ‘Knockout’ fans will be expecting some memorable UFC knockout moments. Ultimate Knockouts is an insert set containing 25 cards and will feature some of the most memorable UFC knockout finishes in history. There will be one per box and they will feature parallels in the Green, Red, Mat and printing plate formats.

Also among the ‘knockout’ theme will be Knockout Autographs. More than 40 fighters will be featured with their auto’s. They will contain on-card autos and anyone signing or the first time will have a “First Issue” stamp embossed on the card. These will also have parallels, but will only feature Red, Mat, and Red Ink Autos that will be limited to 15 copies and have the fighter’s nickname, where applicable.

Other autograph cards will include:

  • Notable Nickname Autos– 20 fighters and their nicknames are highlighted on cards containing signatures of the fighter’s nickname. (#/25)
  • Three Of A Kind Autographs- Fighters sharing a common link are grouped in sets of three, along with their atuo’s. 10 cards all numbered to 10.
  • Sicksigs Autograph Book Card- Six fighters are grouped together by a shared bond on tri-fold book cards, featuring six autographs. Six cards all numbered to five.
  • Full-Contact Autograph Card– 20 fighters put silver pen to card for a set entirely on-card. (#/75)
  • Memorable Match-Ups Dual Auto Card- Ten pairs of fighters who faced off against each other in the past are paired up on cards with their signatures. (#/10)
  • Ultimate Knockouts Autos– Ten subjects from the Ultimate Knockouts inserts also receive a special auto’d version of their card. (#/25)
  • UFC @utographs– Fighters and UFC personalities are spotlighted with cards that contain on-card autographs along with their Twitter handles. (#/25)

When it comes to relic cards, MMA cards have some of the most inventive options available. Mouth guards, mats, gloves, shorts have all been used in past relic cards and this years’ set follows a lot of the same guidelines. And that’s not a bad thing.

2013 UFC Knockout will include relics such as; Fight Mat Relics that feature up to 30 fighters and specific fights with authentic fight-used mats from UFC and Strikeforce events. These cards will be numbered to 288 copies. Basic relic cards will have three of the parallel cards used including; Green numbered to 88, Red numbered to eight, and Mat Parallels numbered to only one copy.

Knockout Relics will have 30 fighters and contain fighter-worn shorts or shirts. These will be sequentially numbered, but no specific run at press time. Memorable Match-Ups Dual Relic cards with contain 10 pairs of fighters, along with fighter-worn shirts or shirts. These will all be numbered to 50.

Other relic cards will include:

  • Premium Pieces Relics– 30 fighters featuring multi-color relic pieces from fighter-worn shorts or shirts. (#/88)
  • Between Rounds Relics– Cards featuring the Octagon Girls and pieces of their outfirts, round cards, and robes. (/25)
  • Ultimate Knockouts Relics– 10 subjects from the Ultimate Knockouts insert also recive a special relic version of their cards featuring fighter-worn gear. (#/25)

Well you can’t have autographed cards and relic cards without combing the two, and 2013 UFC Knockout doesn’t let down. Dual autographed fight mat relics will be included and will consist of 10 cards featuring two fighter autos and a piece of the mat they both fought on. These cards will be limited as they are numbered to only 10 copies. There will also be Knockout auto’d relics showcasing over 30 fighters with their autograph and an authentic worn item. The Knockout auto/relics will featuring the Red parallel (#/8) and Mat parallel (1/1). Finally, Autographed Premium Pieces will be limited to only 50 copies each and with be of 30 fighters with an autographed and multi-colored piece of worn gear.

Other autographed relic cards will include:

  • Memorable Match-Ups Dual Autograph Jumbo Relic Book Card– Ten pairs of competing fighters, featured with their auto’s and jumbo swatches of worn gear. (#/5)
  • Between Rounds Autograph Relics– Cards featuring the Octagon girls, pieces of their outfits, round cards, and robes, and an autograph. (#/5)
  • Ultimate Knockouts Auto Relics- Five subjects from the Ultimate Knockouts insert also receive a special autograph/relic version of their cards, featuring fighter-worn gear. (#/10)
  • Autographed Glove Redemption Cards– 30 cards containing a code to redeem a UFC glove signed by a fighter.

Fans of Topps’ Triple Threads cards will be excited to see them featured in’13 Knockout. With cards featuring either relics or autographed relics all Triple Threads cards will feature the following parallels, Sepia (#/27, relics only), Emerald (#/18-relics only), Gold (#/9), Sapphire (#/3), and Platinum (#/1). The autographed relic cards will also featuring Leather parallels, numbered to only one copy, and White Whale printing plates that will also be limited to only one copy each.

Triple Threads combo relics will feature 12 cards with three subjects and three relics. Basic version will be numbered to 36 copies, but will have Sepia, Emerald, Gold, Sapphire and Platinum parallels with same numbering as above. Triple Threads relic double combo book cards will include eight cards featuring 6 subjects and 6 relics. These are numbered to 36 copies, but will have the same paralleled version.

Other Triple Threads versions will include:

  • Triple Threads Glove Patch Book Card– 30 fighters featuring three swatches from a fighter-worn glove along with a jombo patch piece. (1/1)
  • Triple Threads Autograph Glove Swatch Book Card– 30 fighters featuring three swatches from a figthter-worn flove along with an autographed jumbo glove swatch. (1/1)

The last, but not least, insert included in ’13 UFC Knockout is the radomly inserted ‘Box Toppers’. Fist-Ograph box topers will have 20 fighters showcased with an authentic fist print and signature on-card. These is an amazing surprise when opening a box and will set the rest of the cards off right.

Set to be released in February these set is loaded with goodies to appease any MMA and UFC fan and collector. Stay tuned for more details!

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