Pack Preview: 2012 Topps Valor Football

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UPDATE: Full checklist is now available here.

The football “gridiron” has always been a battleground for warriors defending their territories; now Topps football has unleashed a product that puts these combatants on cardboard.

Topps had collectors guessing as to what its latest campaign meant when it created a Twitter account with the handle @V_is_for. Each message contained an inspirational quote of battle and later featured pics of football cards that were like no other.

2012 Topps Valor Football is its name, and according to Topps- Valor Football will be, “A breakthrough product with the makings of a true champion”

Each 6-card pack will include two on-card rookie autograph cards, one veteran or retired autograph card, one rookie patch relic card and two base cards. There are a total of 100 base cards in this set featuring a Glory parallel (#/50) and Valor parallel (1/1). You will know you pulled one of the parallels because the word will be superimposed in the background, and of course the numbering.

This is an Inception Football meets the movie “300”; in the imagery, color palette and general design of the set. The theme of “battle” rings true on each parallel card and the preliminary photos have each player in action, so collectors can place them in those moments of glory.

The autograph rookies feature Legionary autos that have four different parallels: Speed (#/70), Strength (#/50),Discipline (#/25), and Heart (1/1). There are also Valor autos that illustrate the players desire to attain the NFL”s highest level of achievement. These will have four more parallels: Courage (#/70), Honor (#/50),Glory (#/25), and Valor (1/1).

2012 Topps Valor football Legionary rookie auto

The auto”d veterans and retired players feature warriors that have “roamed the gridiron in glorious moments, paving the the path for the next generation of warriors”. Up to 40 decorated veteran/retired players will be featured as Centurion autographs. These will be different from the rookie autos as these won”t be on-card. There will be four parallels featuring: Speed (#/70), Strength (#/50), Discipline (#/25), and Heart (1/1).

Veteran- Centurion autograph

The multi-autographs are sure to bring collectors to their knees with the amazing partnerships Topps has been able to produce. Dual Alliance (II) autographs will feature the most collectibles rookies and veterans and will be numbered to 10. Triple Alliance (III) autos will feature the same, but players will be from the same team and numbered to 10. Quad Alliance (IV) autos feature the same rookie/veteran format as (III), but will be numbered to only five copies each.

Dual Alliance Autograph card

On the field a warrior and his armor are one. Topps will use patch cards to showcase each player with their field “armor”. Rookie patches will contain up to 40 players and their uniform swatches. Parallels include: Speed (#/70), Strength (#/50), Discipline (#/25), and Heart (1/1). Autographed versions will also be included in Valor Football. There are only one per case and will feature the Valor “Shield of Honor”. There will be up to 40 subjects featured and will only have two parallels: Glory (#/10) and Valor (1/1).

Shield of Honor auto/patch card


2012 Topps Valor football is set to be released February 6th, 2013, so start saving your pennies. This looks to be like Topps” first high-end product of the year; even as an extention of 2012. It looks fantastic- the guarantee of on-card autos, even if just the rookies, will be the main draw as this years” rookie class is showing signs of one of the best ever. And who knows, by SuperBowl some of the rookies will have made a bigger name for themselves on the battlefield.

Stay tuned for more details!

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