Flea Market Finds: Austin Antique Mall

If you’ve read any of the other ‘Flea Market Finds” posts you know how I enjoy my “antiquing”. The last spot we visited was the Austin Antique Mall in, well, Austin, TX.  It’s a large, single-story building that has a little bit of everything.  Normally I’m looking for sports cards, but this trip featured a handful of items that were just sports-themed in nature.

This place leases out booth space and you pay for your items and the central cash wrap. It’s good to know that if you ask, they are allowed to discount certain items immediately.  If you’re looking to haggle a bit more then they will try and contact the owners of the merchandise.

The first thing I do is visit the booth with the sports cards. Plenty of ‘junk-wax’ in this booth including plenty of 90’s Basketball and Baseball. Not a whole lot of interest here, but caught a nice Fleer wax box. Walking around any kind of marketplace, it’s always important to look in every inch of each booth- in one of the booths I came across some metal, Olympic trays that were available from McDonalds around 1984. Not a whole lot of monetary value, but for any Olympics collectors, these were a neat find.

For anyone that collected Topps T-206, you may be familiar with the word Piedmont.  There were framed mini-cards that had the Piedmont name on the back, which is a brand of tobacco, and there was a nice advertising sign from that brand. I don’t condone smoking, but according to the sign, Piedmont was “The Cigarette of Quality”.

Other highlights included a ladies’ replica Harlem Globetrotters jersey, famous Yankees street signs, and a baseball board game.

On the way out for the day, empty handed, I noticed something that left my jaw on the floor. (It might still be there.) It was a old, what I can only assume, little league scoreboard. You could picture is being in the outfield of some old, dusty baseball field in a little Texas town.  There were a few broken light bulbs that used to keep score and overall it was banged up.  “It won’t fit in your office, it won’t fit in your office, it won’t fit in your office”. For anyone interested, it was about $1000 and looked amazing.  Check out the picture in the gallery below.

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2 thoughts on “Flea Market Finds: Austin Antique Mall

  1. Wow, that’s some interesting stuff. Collecting cards is great, but having stuff that displays well is a great seller to even casual fans. Makes me want to go to the antique stores myself.

    That scoreboard does look amazing just the way it is.

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