Pack Preview: 2012 Topps Five Star Football

Topps has announced more information for its upcoming return of Five-Star football and it looks as good as ever. Set to be released in February,  they state it will have more amazing patches, and include all-new rookie yearbook cards and five-star giants cards. This ultra-premium product is going to be out of reach for a lot of customers, but for those of you that can afford the hefty price tag they will, hopefully, be rewarded.

Each pack will consist of three base cards, one base rookie auto/patch card, one autographed rookie card, one auto’d veteran/retired or auto’d patch card, one auto’d relic book or dual auto card and one jumbo jersey relic or patch card.There will be parallels in this set sequentially numbered. Gold will be numbered /25, rainbow numbered /5, and Five Star numbered 1/1.

For the jumbo and jersey patch cards there will be letter patch cards of up to 100 subjects that will also be numbered 1/1. Dual patch will be up to 30 different cards (#/15), triple patch cards with up to 20 different cards (#/10), quad patch cards with up to 15 different cards (#/10), Octo Patch (#/10), pylon NFL patches, pylon Super Bowl patches, and finally Super Bowl MVP pigskin relics (#/20).

The Auto books and dual auto cards will feature Five Star futures with six auto’s (#/5), eight auto’s (#/5), dual auto shield book card (1/1), and Five Star dual auto laundry tag book cards (#/10). Also included in the autographed books and dual auto cards are: Five Star futures dual auto’s, dual autographed patch books, futures quadra-graph book (#/10) and finally superstar combos cards (#/10).



There are some ol’ fashioned auto cards too, if you can call them that in Five Star. Included within the autos featuring veteran or retired stars there will be: Five Star signatures, quotable signatures (#/10), signature patch, and cut signatures numbered 1/1. This could give Topps an opportunity to feature some very rare autographs!



With an amazing ’12 rookie class you can bet there will be high demand for these young stars. Included within the base rookie cards and auto’d patch cards are Five Star base rookie auto patches, auto’d rookie cards, and quotable autographs (#/25). All of these will feature the same parallels as mentioned above.



Such as the case with ’12 Topps Supreme, Five Star will include bonus hits.  There will be 1/1 redemptions for autographed rookie jerseys, the continuity program featuring Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III autos, the Rookie Yearbook card and Luck and Griffin Five Star Giants.

The Rookie Yearbook card is a giant-sized book card featuring the group shot from the NFLPA Rookie Premier and the left inside panel and patch relics of each player on the right inside panel. These will be numbered to only five copies.

The Five Star Giants will be full-bleed action photography, sized 10.5″ X 8.5″, taken at the NFLPA Rookie Premier. They will be framed and autographed and also numbered to five.

Two amazing, additional hits that will definitely entice collectors to rip this product.

So you see; this product is definitely loaded, it’s just a matter of who’s on the checklist. A 150-subject base-card checklist allows to be filled with some players some collectors may have a hard time understanding, but base cards can add value to a set. With a high-end product such as Five Star, collectors will have extremely high expectations and be vocal about who should or shouldn’t be on the checklist.  But based on the preview images, it’s a sure bet that this product will look amazing.

What do you think? Does risk = reward with Five Star?  Feel free to leave a comment about what you think and any past experiences you may have.

Stay tuned for more information!




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