Pack Preview: Panini’s 2012 Signature Series Portraits

As Panini wraps up production on 2012 Signature Series, newly-released images from the set feature players up-close and personal. For these, soon-to-be-signed cards- gone are the action shots of players to focus more on the face of each player. Looking at the pictures of each player you feel the need to look into the soul of a ball player. You can’t help but wonder what’s going through the head of a professional baseball player. Paired with a signature underneath, these cards are sure to be sought after once released.

The challenge with having a product that is not full-licensed by MLB is how to feature players without showing the logos, but like Studio in the 90’s, these cards show the subjects as people, more than just the athlete.

Some of the most famous works of art show subjects in the portrait style, and these mini-masterpieces will strike a chord among collectors.

Stay tuned as Panini is sure to release more images from this set due sometime this fall.

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