Pack Preview: 2012 Topps Supreme Football

With fans wrapping up their Fantasy Football selections, it can only mean one thing: Football season is back.  With a rookie class that competes with the star-studded lineup of 2011, football card collectors are ready for a high-end product to showcase the NFL’s rookies and veteran stars.

With 2012 Topps Supreme football fans will get just that and also have a chance to own a part of the game.

The hobby-exclusive pack contains 2 (two) Topps Supreme Base Cards, 1 (one) Base Red Parallel Card and 1 (one)

Autograph Card, Auto Relic Card or Relic Card. And each case will contain 16 packs. Topps has stated case guarantees as such:

  • 4 Autograph Relic cards
  • 4 Autograph rookie cards
  • 1 Multi-Autograph card
  • 1 Single Autograph card
  • 1 Additional Autograph from the above
  • 5 Supreme relic cards

First, let’s look at the autograph cards. Topps Supreme will feature dual auto’s, dual auto-relic cards, dual auto-patch cards, triple autograph cards, quad auto cards and finally six autograph, double-sided card.  Plenty of auto’s to go around featuring the top rookies and veteran players.

The autograph relic cards will feature up to 40 rookies, veteran and retired players. There will be parallels of the auto/relics with the Blue Parallel #/25, Violet Patch Parallel #/5 and a brand new Red Patch Parallel #/1.  Also look out for auto’d dual relic cards, quad relic cards and an autographed jumbo patch relic card featuring the violet and red parallels with same numbering.

Also included are: Autographed double jumbo relic book cards with red patch parallel #/1, and auto’d six-piece relic book card that will feature up to 15 subjects with same red parallel #/1.

Cut Signatures are included, all #/1 and will contain up to 25 subjects.

The rookie class of ’12 Topps Supreme football gets the spotlight with up to 35 rookie subjects being featured with paralleled versions of the autographed cards. From the Blue Parallel, #/50, Violet, #/25, Green, #/15, Red, #/1 and of course, printing plates numbered 1/1.

Rookies are also showcased in the Rookie Quad Combo Relic Card featuring up to 45 different cards; and Supreme Rookie Die-Cut relic card that will feature up to 35 different subjects.  They will both have the violet and red parallels numbered just as the rest with same color.

The Supreme Relic cards are sure to be a hit with collectors as they contain multiple varieties that are sure to please.

-Letter Patch cards will have up to 100 different 1/1 cards of rookie, veteran and retired stars.

-Primary Pieces Relic cards with have up to 100 different 1/1′s with rookie, veteran and retired stars.

-Six-Piece Double-Sided Relic cards will have up to 20 different players with red parallel numbered 1/1.

-Eight-piece relic book card will feature up to 15 different rookie, veteran and retired subjects with the red parallel numbered 1/1.

-And finally the veteran quad relic card that will have up to 30 different varieties.

If all of that magic isn’t enough, then collectors will be delighted to know that ’12 Topps Supreme football offers something just a little extra: Redemption cards redeemable for up to 15 player-signed jerseys and quarterback autograph continuity cards with exclusive, hard-signed autographs of Andrew Luck AND Robert Griffin III.

Due to hit stores at the end of the year, Topps Supreme definitely looks like a heavy-weight contender for one of the best NFL products of the year. Stay tuned for more release update information and be sure to check out Sports Card Radio for any updated checklists!

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