Texas sports card collectors push for ‘The National’ in Texas

Kyle, Texas July 19, 2012– Dano’s Sports Collectibles and Varsity Collectibles are joining forces to convince the National Sports Collector’s Convention to have its annual event in Texas in the near future.

The partnering of the two businesses derived from wanting to give Texas a chance to hold the nation’s biggest sports collectibles show.  The last shows have alternated between Chicago and Baltimore making it difficult for casual collectors to attend.  With skyrocketing airline tickets and gas prices, traveling to far destinations isn’t as feasible.

Chuck Vanderbilt, from Varsity Collectibles, and Danny Laurel, from Dano’s Sports Collectibles, feel Austin would be a smart decision to host the venue.  The Austin Convention Center is located downtown and is big enough to host such a convention having hosted Austin’s Comic Con in previous years. It is also central in Texas, which happens to be home to Panini America, Beckett Media, LLC and TriStar Productions.

The NSCC has been an annual event since 1980 and boasts being the “premier showcasing event of the collectibles industry.”  The upcoming National schedule includes Rosemont, IL in 2013,2015 and Cleveland, OH in 2014. More information about this years’ convention can be found here.

TriStar Productions, a Houston, TX company, is responsible for the autograph tickets and admission for The National and hosts its own shows, twice a year, in Houston.

Chuck Vanderbilt can be located on Twitter, @ChuckVanderbilt, @varsitycardshop

Danny Laurel can be located on Twitter, @danolaurel

Please spread the word and show support online. Follow @TX4NSCC for progress updates.

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