Topps Allen & Ginter Presents: Murder in Willow Cove

I’m a huge fan of Topps’ Allen & Ginter product.  My first cards I purchased from the set were in 2009 when I got back into collecting, and I’ve been enjoying them ever since.  It’s a nice break from the first few months of baseball products for me because it includes non-baseball and non-sport subjects.  It also features fun mini cards and various mini subsets that contain various topics each year.   

One of the special things about Topps Allen & Ginter is its inclusion of a code game embedded into the set. Last years’ code break took over 8 months to complete and featured constellation puzzles, number games, and more.  More specific details of last years’ code break can be found here.

This year seems to be a little different, or maybe not in the end– Reading over 2011’s code break it featured a lot of charting, math, mostly stuff that made my head hurt, but this year seems to be a MURDER MYSTERY, duh duh duhnnnnnn!  Various code cards have already been found and without giving too much of it away,  it features 25 cast members and we’ll be trying to solve the murder of Lennie Guttman, owner of Guttman’s Gutters.

If this turns into something that actually might be solved by myself and anyone who’s silly enough to come along for the ride I’ll keep everyone posted.  If you’re into puzzles, games, whodunit’s, then check out 2012 Allen & Ginter just for the extra fun you can have along with collecting the amazing cards!