Tristar’s sports collectors show in Houston, Texas

I hadn’t planned on going to the summer Tristar Production collectibles show this year but my father got me and my lady a ticket, so how could I refuse.  It’s not because I have anything better to do , but normaly the summer show doesn’t feature many baseball players. This year wasn’t any different; in fact, it featured less than I remembered there being last year.  Hall of famer Jim Bunning was there along with Deion Sanders.  So not a whole lot to look forward to coming off the winter show that featured the 1986 Astros reunion.

I was actually happy that I wasn’t stressing out like my dad was trying to figure out what to take to the show to get signed, how to transport all of the memorabilia, etc. I didn’t have a want-list, I didn’t even really wanna to buy any packs.  I had just ripped a ton of archives and was feeling a little burned out.

This trip to the show allowed me to take it easy, walk around and actually have a good chat with a fellow collector, whom of which I met through twitter. @chuckvanderbilt  Great guy, give him a follow.

The show was at the Reliant Center in one of the convention rooms which I felt was by far a better spot than the Reliant Arena across the parking lot.  It was a tad bit smaller, but it was a big open room where you could see everything all at once.

Some of the vendors

It was definitely a good time at this show.  My dad was able to get the handul of Texans football players for his collection and I got to watch the frenzy and excitement of a Tristar show from the outside, for once.