#collect #thehobby Hashtags are fun!

This will be a quick entry into the foray of twitter.  I always thought it was something I didn’t think necessary, but was convinced to hop on the bandwagon by a good buddy of mine.  May 13th, 2011 is the beginning of the end for me.

There was a good point made on Saturday’s Astros’ tv broadcast by the former first baseman Jeff Bagwell saying he thought there was too much information going out to everyone all at once.  Times have definitely changed and I somewhat agree.  It is easy to get bombarded with usefull/useless information pertaining to not only baseball, but everything.

Twitter makes that even easier.

I got on it to promote my eBay store, but now I use it primarily to stay up to date with the goings on around the sports world.  I follow players, writers, bloggers, industry folk, other card collectors, and MLB insiders.  This was proven to be a lot to deal with especially during the MLB trade deadline.  I knew everything going on when it was happening and I almost wished I didn’t know.  Kind of what you think about regarding a significant other cheating on you.  Do you really want to know?  Do you feel better knowing?

I would’ve been shocked no matter when I found out about Hunter Pence being traded to Philly, but I got to deal with that pain for almost two weeks because I was following everyone’s tweets.

Lately it has made news in baseball regarding the ‘over-use’ of the format, apparently.  Logan Morrison was demoted from the Florida Marlins a short-time ago and there were whispers that management was tired of his twitter rants.  I don’t think they were negative at all, but he has a lot of followers and some of the old folks just don’t get it.  The other side to that argument was that his performance had dropped a bit too.  I’m sure the Marlins have other issues to worry about.

In short, it’s a useful format if you want to be ‘in-the-know’ and can be informative.  I definitely like to read what people have to say, and not always sports related.  I follow a handful of people that talk about stuff entirely different altogether, so it breaks up the timeline throughout the day.

You can find me @danolaurel   I’m mostly ranting about the current Astros game if I’m watching it, or just letting people know any new items, or reviews I’ve posted.  Come join us and say hi, just don’t go over 140 characters.