2011 Topps Inception “Show me your Hits”

I wasn’t supposed to rip open a box of Inception.  I was supposed to open a box of 2011 Topps Lineage, but when my shipment arrived from my distributor I pulled out the little maroon and black box.  Then came the anxiety of what I was going to do next.

As most of you have seen, I don’t really rip open football.  I thought, I’ll sell it and get what I paid for it and maybe what’s on the inside is going to be junk.  Then I thought, well, what if I keep it and rip it open and there’s the most amazing card I’ve ever seen in it!

2011 Topps Inception Football is a hobby-only, higher-end product.  It features only ONE seven-card pack with two base cards, two on-card auto, one relic and two numbered parallel cards.  Really nice design using the HDR technology that made Topps’ Gypsy Queen product so beautiful.

For investors this is a high-risk, high-reward product with plenty of the newest rookies to wet your palate. The on-card autographs are always a plus and the photography is amazing.  For collectors, this is probably a challenge to build a set, or lock down your favorite players.  With an average retail price of $100 this product may be out of some people’s prices range.

Here are a few shots:

This is the relic and one of the autographs I pulled.  So you see how the layout is seemingly basic,but it adds more to the design.  As far as production goes, there seems to be an issue with the cards flaking, or chipping slightly.  An issue I had with Tristar Pursuit a few months ago.  It is important to remember that the on-card autos were handled, so that could explain one part, but the other is the cards may rub together in the pack.  Either way, a minor set back to the ALMOST flawless design.  A lot of cards around try too hard to make something more than itself, but Inception is clean, straightforward, and gimmick-less.

I definitely put this on a buy sheet and recommend this product to anyone collecting football, or looking to try their hand at a small investment.

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