That was close…

The Astros welcomed the Boston Red Sox today and reunites, once again, Brad Mills and Terry Francona.  Long time buds who played together in Arizona and worked together in Boston.

Now that we’ve been caught up with all that jazz, let’s just mention one thing:  Bud Norris should probably have finished that game.

The relievers will get there.  I know I’ve said that before, but the relievers will get there–Brad Mills

Uh, no they won’t.  You have a few gems (Melancon, Carpenter) but no one who has proved to be as consistent as we’ve needed them to be.  Bud Norris gave up one HR and left in 7th only to see the lead vanish!  The Astros relievers have the WORST ERA in all of major league baseball, but we’re number ONE is doubles.  What gives?

I follow Bud on Twitter and I made sure to let him know his efforts were appreciated.  The standing ovation he received at the end of his run proved that.   I definitely see him getting better and better with each start and thats what’s important for this young, fledgling, team to dig in its heels and make that 2nd half run we all know and love.

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