Where it all began-

I began collecting baseball cards around 1989. I had just moved to Houston with my sister to live with my dad, and somehow can’t remember actually getting my first pack.

What I do remember is taking note of value and what the cards were worth. Looking forward to getting my Beckett magazine from the local card shop. ‘Who is gonna be on the cover?’ I remember Nolan Ryan in his cowboy gear, Frank Thomas sitting down at night, Ozzie Smith throwing a ball at Wrigley field.
I remember that one most becaue on the back cover is my favorite player at the time, Jeff Bagwell. I got it signed and still have it. But that is another entry.
I remember looking up the cards and being excited when a card was worth a dollar or sometimes even more and I remember reading an issue about kids opening up card shops. I took it to school (4th grade) and showed my teacher who was less than impressed with my career choice.
I had a lot of free-time that summer and decided I wanted to open a card shop up in the garage. I had just gone to my first big card show in Houston and my dad bought me a box of looney tunes cards. I was official!
The night before my grand opening I put all of my merchandise out on the unfolded tables. Memorabilia, inserts, back issues of Beckett, and my box of looney tunes cards. Once done I stood back and was amazed at what I had accomplished. My own card shop! I was 10 and felt very proud of myself and anxious for the next afternoon.
The next day I sprung up to place all the signs I made around the neighborhood and waited back at the garage for the lines of people that were sure to arrive.
A total of three kids showed up the whole day. I was closed for business.
–end of part one–

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